Technology hub: insights for board members

Where does your company fall when it comes to digital transformation? And is your board keeping up?

Digital transformation is underway, across all industries. Companies are thinking about and capitalizing on the strategic potential of technology. Successful companies are investing in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and drones. They are also focusing on having the right skills and leadership in place to lead the change.

Launching summer 2017, our technology board hub provides resources for directors about the many intersections of technology—its strategic value, the connection to innovation, the related risks and the need for new skills. We help you understand major technology trends transforming business. We give you information about these often complex topics to enable better conversations with both management and your company’s technology leaders.

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Our technology series for board members

Emerging technologies

This series provides an overview of our Essential Eight emerging technologies for board members. We also provide insights — "board bytes" — on each technology:

Watch for live links to our publications as we release them over fall 2017.

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Digital leadership and talent

What does your company need to do to unlock value from the next generation of digital technologies? And what should your board know? Find out by reading our publication:

Are your company and board ready for digital transformation? Board byte: 2017 Digital IQ Survey™

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PwC governance and technology leader conversations

PwC leaders in corporate governance and technology share their perspectives on the impact of technology, digital transformation and, innovation on strategy and companies' business models.

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