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As a business leader, you must rely on information/intelligence for virtually all critical decision making  – whether projecting into new markets, reshaping strategy, making acquisitions, hiring key personnel, pursuing new business, or responding to crisis.  Leaders are empowered to make better decisions when they are informed by relevant, up-to-date, reliable intelligence. PwC’s Global Intelligence Operations Center is the engine that fuses millions of streams of complex data and information, subjects the results to rigorous analysis, and produces finely tuned intelligence upon which enterprises around the world rely to achieve the best possible outcomes.


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PwC's Global Intelligence Operations Center (GIOC)

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Business leaders benefit from access to a global network of sources with access to information that can sharpen a company’s competitive edge.  We partner with your teams, equipped with a globally arrayed information collection and dissemination platform – consisting of 770 offices, operating in 150-plus countries, with more than 207,000 highly trained personnel.

Former senior executives and cabinet level officials from international Organizations, the intelligence community, White House, Department of State, academia, industry, media, non-governmental organizations that speak over 100 languages world wide, the network of professionals within the Global Intelligence Operations Center produces industry leading intelligence for organizations around the world.

Glenn Ware

Principal, US Corporate Intelligence Practice Group Leader, Washington

+1 (703) 682 5587


Patrick M. McCarthy

Leader of PwC’s Global Intelligence Operations Center, U.S. Navy (Retired), Alexandria

+1 (703) 682 5593


Marissa Michel

US Territory Leader, Global Crisis Centre, Washington

+1 (703) 682 5876


Corporate Intelligence: Protecting your reputation and safeguarding your assets


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PwC’s Global Intelligence Operations Center: Enhancing competitiveness and mitigating risk in your business operations.

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