Keep up with FCPA compliance

Frequent headlines identifying allegations of bribery, either commercial or public corruption, cannot be ignored. Your company is constantly confronted with a wide range of challenges: geo-political risk, disparate geographic and financial operations, increased reliance on foreign business partners, dependencies on supply chain efficiencies, and more. International business opportunities may also be increasing the potential risk that bribery and corruption will negatively impact your brand and ​​bottom line

To achieve global growth objectives, companies must keep Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance as a strategic imperative. Organizations need to carefully navigate challenging regions while implementing adequate safeguards to deter and detect bribery and corruption. Stated simply, companies need to institute an FCPA compliance strategy that employs a balanced approach with both proactive measures and defensive tactics. Managing your global FCPA compliance program and controls is complex, and if not effectively executed, you could be met with significant repercussions.​


What do you need to know about third-party risk and international expansion?


Risk Mitigation. Regulatory Compliance. Ethical Business Practices.


of US organizations experienced economic crime in the last two years, What does that mean for you?

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Prevent corruption and protect your brand

Companies should understand their corruption risks, sustain an effective FCPA compliance program, and monitor for potential non-compliant activities. By working with our clients to examine alleged improper conduct (by both employees and third parties), we evaluate, design and implement comprehensive compliance programs everywhere you conduct business.

Our Forensic Services team has “boots on the ground” knowledge from working in over 100 countries, and understand the threats and vulnerabilities that exist across industries and regions affecting both corporate and local operations. We work together with you to conduct complex, multi-jurisdictional anti-corruption investigations in response to internal and government inquiries, and to implement remedial solutions and controls in some of the world’s most demanding business environments. Our objective is to ultimately protect what matters most—your brand, reputation, and assets.

Our global FCPA services include:

  • Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment
  • Forensic Accounting and Compliance Investigations
  • Remediation Design and Implementation
  • Development and Implementation of Compliance Programs including Internal Controls
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Program and Controls Effectiveness
  • Data ​Analytics to Identify Potential Corruption Threats and Control Deficiencies
  • Third Party Risk Management Program and Due Diligence
  • Pre- and Post-Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Anti-Corruption Training (Design and Delivery)
  • Independent Representation and Testimony to Regulators