Navigate the litigation labyrinth

The best defense

Some legal situations require more outside consultation than others. Commercial litigation can involve a range of counter parties, including suppliers, competitors, subcontractors, shareholders, lenders and business partners, as well as current or former employees. In such complex cases, high-quality, objective advice can exert a strong influence. Litigants benefit from the help of our expert witnesses, financial professionals, damage and value assessors, arbitrators, and other advisors. Doing without them can be risky — specialists bring a level of knowledge, independence and experience to the proceedings that can weigh in your favor. And their absence can work in favor of the opposition, who you should assume will have capable support.

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Solid backup

PwC provides our corporate and individual clients and their legal advisors with access to forensic accountants, financial analysts, actuaries, auditors, economists and statisticians, grounded in deep industry experience. Whether your case centers on complex accounting issues, breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, business valuation, internal arbitration or a range of other disputes, PwC’s Forensics professionals can help strengthen your chances of prevailing.