IFRS Resources

The globalization of business and finance has led to the successful mass adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by over 12,000 companies in over 100 countries. Whether or not, as individuals, each of us support the concepts of ultimately attaining use of a single set of high quality accounting standards globally or the possibility of moving to use these standards in the United States, IFRS is in use in most capital markets around the world. IFRS already significantly impacts U.S. companies because it:

  • Influences the direction of convergence,
  • Is used by foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies,
  • Stimulates questions from investors comparing U.S. companies to foreign competitors, and
  • Influences the transaction structuring by foreign counterparties (customers, vendors, and capital providers) who report under IFRS.

PwC seeks to assist faculty who choose to introduce IFRS in the curriculum. We have developed our IFRS Up to Speed deck to provide a summary of the related hot topics affecting accounting and reporting. Additional IFRS Resources can be found at www.pwc.com/ifrs.