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We are pleased to introduce CFOdirect Network, PwC's online resource to college and university faculty. CFOdirect provides targeted, customized insights and analysis of the latest news in the financial world. It can enhance your ability to provide up to the minute changes to the students in your classroom. On CFOdirect you will find:

CFOdirect features

  • Customizable home page - From your home page you have the ability to display the accounting, business and industry content that is of most interest to you with a click of a button. Here you can access summaries on the latest news in the areas of finance, business, and financial reporting, with links to in-depth features.
  • Hot Topic tool - Our one-stop-shop for access to all CFOdirect content relating to a "hot" financial reporting or business topic.
  • What's new on CFOdirect Network newsletter - Delivered every week, this newsletter highlights our editor's picks of the best new content added to CFOdirect in the last week.

CFOdirect content

  • News & insights - PwC analysis, insights, white papers and other original materials along with the latest news on an array of timely financial reporting, business and finance topics such as corporate governance, internal audit, strategic management, mergers & acquisitions and treasury.
  • Standard setters & SEC - Reports and minutes from meetings of the standards-setting boards, PwC comment letters to the boards, SEC speeches and more.
  • Industry focus - PwC insights and the latest news on the trends affecting your industry.
  • Business resources - Keep current on the latest accounting, finance and PwC industry events and webcasts. Get connected to other PwC sites of interest to senior financial executives.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley knowledge center - CFOdirect is PwC's repository for key Sarbanes-Oxley materials, including: Datalines, white papers, webcasts and more.

Access CFOdirect at Click on the “Subscribe” button on the right hand side of the page to receive the newsletter.


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