Cybersecurity and privacy

Balance security and opportunity to move boldly forward

You know you need to secure your business assets, but you shouldn’t have to give up on new opportunities in doing so. PwC gives leaders a broader view on cybersecurity and privacy to help them confidently balance the needs to protect against threats, propel transformation and pursue growth.

At PwC, we see cybersecurity and privacy differently

We don’t just protect business value; we create it—using cybersecurity and privacy as a tool to transform businesses. By bringing together capabilities from across PwC, we seek to understand senior leaders’ perspectives on cybersecurity and privacy in the context of strategic priorities so they can play a central role in business strategy. By incorporating tactical knowledge gathered from decades of projects across industries, geographies, programs and technologies, PwC can create and execute holistic start-to-finish plans.

With a diverse network of resources and an all-in-one approach that goes beyond IT, we can help you see the big picture. With a track record of building trusted, long-term relationships with leaders at all levels, we can help you focus your resources to make your way forward. With deep, real-world experience at execution and careful attention to emerging trends in markets, regulations and threats, we can help you achieve your goals in an ever-changing environment.

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David Burg
Global and U.S. Cybersecurity Leader
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Christopher O’Hara
US Co-leader, Cybersecurity and Privacy
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Grant Waterfall
Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Assurance Leader
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