CDP S&P 500 Climate Change Report, 2013

Businesses, boards and investors are focused on sustainable strategies.

The 2013 CDP S&P 500 report shows that the number of leaders on the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) doubled, indicating that a growing number of companies are addressing the risks, and embracing the opportunities that come with climate change.

Climate change leaders are doing 3 things to accelerate their progress. Do you have strategies like these in place to reap the full cost and reputational benefits associated with climate change management?

Beyond reporting: Investing to cut carbon emissions

Leaders are discovering new ways to boost efficiencies, create new markets, engage employees, and build competitive advantage.

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Business model transformation: Preparing for the impacts of climate change

Leading S&P 500 companies are incorporating climate change management into long-term resilience and, in the process, creating a strategic advantage.

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Multi-stakeholder Engagement

Leading S&P 500 companies are engaging with their workforce, suppliers, consumers, governments and communities to broaden their influence on climate change issues.

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Creating value through emissions reductions

Companies are creating value by investing to reduce emissions

Assessing the risks and opportunities

Businesses are transforming to manage risks and opportunities presented by climate change

Engaging with stakeholders

Leaders are expanding their influence by engaging with their supply chain and customers

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