Key issues: Proxy access

PwC thought leadership:

ProxyPulse Second Edition 2015 (Mid-season review)
This edition provides a snapshot of key shareholder voting metrics from 2,082 U.S. public company annual shareholder meetings held between January 1, 2015 and May 15, 2015. This season has been characterized by an uptick in many forms of shareholder activism including several high profile proxy battles, an increase in “Vote No” and “Vote Yes” campaigns, and a wave of shareholder proposals for proxy access.


BoardroomDirect February 2015 (Issue in focus: Proxy access in the 2015 proxy season)
One story of the 2015 proxy season is shareholder proposals to nominate directors and a 48-year-old shareholder proposal exclusion rule. The rule allows for the exclusion of a shareholder proposal that directly conflicts with a management proposal. Meanwhile, more proxy access proposals have come to a vote than ever before.


ProxyPulse First Edition 2015 (A look at 2015 and beyond)
This edition offers data and analytics on share ownership, director elections, “say-on-pay,” shareholder proposals, retail voting participation, proxy access proposals, cybersecurity disclosure, amended proxy advisor policies, and director communications with shareholders.


BoardroomDirect Winter 2012 (Issue in focus: Proxy access private ordering -- Phase 1: What it means for directors)
Shareholder proxy access as originally proposed may be dead, but the alternate version known as "private ordering" is something boards should be watching during the 2012 proxy season.


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