Insights into corporate governance issues and trends: PwC-Center for Board Governance

Center for Board Governance

Do male and female directors prioritize the same issues in the boardroom?

Read PwC’s 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey -The gender edition to find out.

Center for Board Governance

How do private companies provide the least amount of disruption?

Read Family Business Corporate Governance Series: CEO succession planning

Center for Board Governance

When trouble comes knocking: Dealing with investigations

Read Read BoardroomDirect July 2015.

Center for Board Governance

How many proxy access proposals received majority support?

Read ProxyPulse 2015 Proxy Season Wrap-up

Center for Board Governance

Achieving excellence: Dealing with investigations

Read Audit Committee Excellence Series, seventh edition.

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Key boardroom issues

Policymakers and regulators are focused on changes to corporate governance practices to enhance board transparency, increase director accountability, and give greater voice to shareholders over critical boardroom decisions. PwC shares its perspective on these and other important governance issues.

New Leader, Center for Board Governance and Investor Resource Institute, PwC

With corporate governance at the forefront, PwC names New York Metro Regional Assurance Leader, Paula Loop, as the new leader of PwC's Center for Board Governance and Investor Resource Institute.

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