Michael Baccala

US Assurance Innovation Leader, PwC US

Michael Baccala, PwC’s National Oracle GRC, Application Security and Controls Leader, is a Principal who works with clients to develop, maintain and drive business success through the best use of technology and to leverage technology to solve compliance and risk management challenges. Michael is known for cultivating high-performing talent and developing teams who will consistently deliver exceptional value and service to clients.

PwC chose Michael as one of its leaders responsible for developing the methodology, tools and training to help PwC and its clients cope with broad-reaching compliance requirements mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley. Michael developed and delivered a hosted compliance support system used by over 300 companies. In addition, he developed and executed a long-term business plan which enabled PwC to sell this software to a leading GRC vendor while ensuring a long-term navigation path for clients.

In the PwC consulting practice, Michael managed ERP implementations and large scale program management projects over global transformation initiatives. With his knowledge, experience and understanding of the nexus between business, technology and change management, Michael has helped companies steer through dozens of challenging implementations, system selection and program management projects.

Having served over 100 companies, Michael understands how management teams grapple with balancing the need to manage risk while complying with regulatory mandates and containing the associated costs. Based on years of successful implementations, Michael advises a more pragmatic, incremental approach to allow full integration of changes and value measured prior to deploying additional talent, effort and investments. Well planned and executed implementation creates even greater value when it is built on a stronger and better established foundation.

Both clients and team members consistently describe Michael as an authentic leader and trusted advisor with the ability to inspire others to learn, collaborate and deliver successful out comes. [“Michael is a valued member of our team and a true partner who provides valuable insight and will do whatever it takes to help us succeed,” commented one client.] With a deep understanding and appreciation of both technology and interpersonal dynamics, Michael connects the complexities of issues and challenges to the people and systems impacted by decisions. With 19 years of risk management and implementation experience advising Fortune 500 and fast-growing technology companies, and an education clearly grounded in the application of technology to business, Michael has a well-earned perspective on what works.

Michael graduated from the University of Delaware and holds a degree in accounting and management information systems.

Michael resides in Philadelphia with his wife and three children. The United Way, Leadership Baltimore and National Academy Foundation count among his community activities. When not at work with clients or the community, Michael enjoys the beach with his family, cooking and brewing craft beer.