Andrew Papadakis

Principal, Leader of East Region M&A Tax Group – WNTS Mergers & Acquisitions Tax

Andrew Papadakis is a principal and the Leader of PwC’s East Region Mergers & Acquisition Tax group. In this role, he specializes in tax due diligence, the tax aspects of M&A, as well as a full range of other corporate transactions. Andrew focuses on the application and interpretation of US federal income tax law as it relates to Subchapter C corporations, consolidated groups, tax-efficient structuring and use of debt, and the reorganization provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. He also has significant experience in cross-border transactions.

Prior to joining PwC in 2000, Andrew spent three years with the IRS’s District Counsel, litigating on behalf of the United States within their Large Case unit. This experience gave him keen insight into the federal treatment and exposures associated with tax due diligence. Andrew earned his bachelor’s degrees from Rutgers University, his J.D. from the University of Arkansas, and his LL.M. from the Georgetown Law Center.