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How to achieve tomorrow’s winning mortgage servicing model: place a ruthless focus on risk and quality
Servicers should adapt their operating model so quality and risk management permeate all aspects of their business. Risk management will become increasingly important not only for servicers to survive, but to thrive.

New supervisory guidance on model risk management: Overview, analysis, and next steps
Insights on the new supervisory guidance on model risk management that, for many in the industry, will represent a significantly higher set of expectations to meet.

Getting to Know You: Building a Customer-Centric Business Model for Retail Banks
Insights into how leading banks are improving their competitiveness and profitability by shifting to a more customer-centric model.

Too Good to Fail: Defining the New Gold Standard for Risk Management in Financial Services
The rapid changes taking place in the financial services industry have significant implications for how financial services organizations govern and manage risk. There is a need and an opportunity to re-examine and enhance most organizations’ strategies, processes, and infrastructures for measuring performance and analyzing risk.

Risky Business: Why Managing the Risks of Evolving Business Models Is the Key to Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis
This FS Viewpoint examines the lessons learned from the crisis. The results of our reviews, combined with the insights of our professionals, clients, and regulators around the world, have helped us formulate a comprehensive response to today’s risk management challenges.

Breaking the Ice: Using Transparency to Thaw the Securitization Market
Market conditions and demand, legislative reform, and innovation allowed the securitization industry to evolve from its infancy into a mainstay of the financial markets in less than three decades.

Cure for the Common Culture: Building Effective Risk Cultures at Financial Institutions
An effective risk culture can be developed through a framework that integrates the following key focus areas: leadership, governance and organization, technology and infrastructure, talent management, communication, and global operating norms. Executing in each of these areas will help an organization move towards a rich culture of risk management.

Reining in foreclosure timelines: Avoiding the high costs of delays
While mortgage servicers are reeling from expenses related to foreclosure affidavit defects, a more costly threat is poised to batter the industry: extended foreclosure timelines. Millions of loans are currently stalled in loss mitigation and foreclosure. These delays could inflict a hefty price tag on the industry based on the expenses associated with a protracted foreclosure timeline.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Mortgage Industry Considerations
When President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 ("Dodd-Frank" or the "Act"), July 21, 2010. the largest set of financial regulatory reforms since the Great Depression became law. The sweeping legislation will significantly impact every aspect of the financial services sector — and the mortgage industry is no exception.

Accounting considerations, Winter 2009
The Consumer Finance Group is pleased to present its winter 2009 edition of Accounting Considerations. The purpose of this publication is to provide insight into the complexaccounting and reporting issues that are affecting the industry today. This edition is focused on current and emerging accounting issues that have come into focus as a result of the financial crisis.

Boosting profitability requires long-term strategizing
The historical approach to tracking revenues and costs is being replaced by a more granular style that allows for better decision making when monitoring profitability.

Consumer finance update, Corporate sustainability edition
The consumer finance group is pleased to provide a newsletter dedicated to the discussion of sustainability and emerging trends for consumer finance companies.

Feeling the pinch? Get ahead of advances
Advances represent one of the most draining expenses for servicers in a high-delinquency environment. Tweaking analysis can help stop the bleeding.

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP): Preliminary observations of its impact on mortgage servicers
The plan's effectiveness and impact on mortgage bankers will depend on its details (to be announced) and how it is executed. Our point-of-view document discusses the plan's key components and the mortgage origination and servicing areas we anticipate to be affected.

Non-prime automotive underwriting: Evolving for a changing market
As the economy begins its slow recovery, automotive finance companies now face a new business landscape. To help navigate this challenging and sometimes unfamiliar road, PwC is publishing a series of papers that will explore important topics affecting the industry now and in the future.

Proposed cram down legislation: What does this mean for the mortgage industry
New legislation in the US Senate (S. 61) and the House of Representatives (H.R 200) proposes to allow bankruptcy judges, as part of Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, to "cram down" mortgage balances with creditors (reduce the secured mortgage debt on primary residences to the fair market value of the property) thereby reducing consumer obligations.

When it comes to costs, don't forget the here and now
Close scrutiny of expenses and intelligent cost reductions will drive firms' ability to achieve short-term cost savings and help transition them to sustainable long-term models.

Consumer finance update, Spring 2008
Consumer finance update provides insight into key industry issues.

Accounting considerations: Spring 2008
The latest edition of this publication outlines some of the most timely and relevant accounting and reporting technical issues that are affecting consumer finance companies today.

2007 multicultural and emerging markets lending forum: Highlights
The second annual PwC multicultural and emerging markets lending forum, held in April, was attended by over fifty professionals specializing in emerging markets lending. PwC has published a Multicultural and emerging markets lending forum highlights that pulls together the most meaningful aspects of each session from the forum.

Update, trends and issues facing the consumer finance industry - Spring 2007
This journal provides the latest in strategic and operational leading practices, accounting and financial reporting and regulatory and risk management.

Trends and perspectives, customer retention in the consumer finance industry
PwC's Trends and perspectives, customer retention in the consumer finance industry publication highlights some of the traditional trends in customer retention and provides perspectives on alternative approaches.

Accounting considerations for 2007
The second edition of this publication outlines some of the most timely and relevant accounting and reporting technical issues that are affecting consumer finance companies today.

Consumer finance update winter 2006
This newsletter provides new business and financial reporting developments, industry best practices, regulatory updates and other insights into key issues in the consumer finance industry.

Accounting considerations for 2006
This special publication summarizes several emerging accounting and reporting technical issues that may be of importance to the financial reporting staff of consumer finance companies.

Mortgage industry perspective on Katrina
This Consumer finance group news alert discusses the agency and regulatory guidance related to the impact of Hurricane Katrina on mortgage servicers, as well as the effects on retail banking in the Southeast, insurance concerns and the challenges related to financial reporting processes.

Trends and perspectives:  The Hispanic market and the consumer finance industry
The inaugural issue of Trends and perspectives looks at opportunities in Hispanic markets for the consumer finance industry and recommendations for companies developing a strategy in this emerging market.

Understanding Regulation AB
To gain greater insight into the complexity of Regulation AB and its potential to significantly affect asset-backed securities, we encourage you to read our comprehensive guide, "Understanding Regulation AB".

Consumer finance update: Winter 2005
Consumer finance update provides insight into key industry issues. This month's issues include: Strategic and operational best practices, risk management, accounting and financial reporting & regulatory.