Asset Servicing

Operations, Compliance, and Profitability/Valuation

Consumer finance organizations are facing unprecedented demands and challenges on their servicing operations. Servicing executives are rapidly changing their operations to meet heightened expectations from consumers, investors, and regulators while managing costs to generate profitable growth. Amid these complex challenges, opportunities abound to build a scalable, compliant, and profitable servicing platform.

To thrive in this new environment, leading consumer finance organizations are transforming their servicing operating model to be more customer-centric, adaptive to regulatory changes, and technology-enabled. A successful transformation journey requires a trusted partner who has deep industry knowledge, proven track records in servicing operations, and innovative approaches. With our team of dedicated consumer finance specialists, PwC is uniquely positioned to partner with clients to deliver on these initiatives:

  • Servicing operational efficiency and quality improvement
  • Sustainable cost improvement in servicing operations
  • Servicing technology enhancements or replacement
  • Servicing compliance management program assessment and design
  • Regulation AB, USAP, HUD servicing compliance attestations
  • Pre-regulatory examination readiness assessment
  • Post-regulatory examination remediation
  • Operational risks and controls assessment
  • Risk controls enhancements (pre-emptive/preventative)
  • Comprehensive operations benchmark assessment
  • Operational capacity optimization
  • Risk-based change management program
  • Servicing assets valuation
  • Cost per loan analysis
  • Build versus buy analysis for servicing platforms and capabilities
  • Vendor risk management program
  • Outsourcing or offshoring analysis


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