Key findings   London leads but balance prevails

London posts the highest score by a good margin.

It finished first in technology readiness, economic clout, and city gateway-- all measures of its stature as a thriving center of the world economy. London is also the only city to finish first in three indicators.

New York follows, and while missing out on the top rank in all indicators, shows continuing superior consistency across most of the indicator categories.

Just behind New York, Singapore scores a robust third place (four spots ahead of its previous ranking), finishing first in two indicators and becoming the first Asian city to join the top 3. Overall, nine cities in the top 10 in our last report remain in the top 10 this year, albeit with some movement up or down.

Model your city

We have developed a custom tool for you to Model your city across the 59 data points for our 30 cities. Select one or multiple cities, and then choose the variables to see how the cities rank against those data points.

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