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In brief


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NFP consolidation: FASB clarifies how to evaluate limited partnerships


PwC summarizes the FASB’s clarification of the consolidation guidance for NFPs that are general or limited partners.

FASB proposes new inventory disclosures


Have inventory? PwC summarizes how your disclosures may change under a new FASB proposal.

Debt classification: changes exposed for comment


Can debt refinanced in January be noncurrent as of the prior December? The answer may change under FASB proposal.

FASB finalizes a new definition of a business


PwC takes a look at how the FASB’s new definition of a business could result in fewer businesses recognized.

SASB holds inaugural symposium and releases State of Disclosure report


Find out what the SEC, PCAOB, investors, corporations and others had to say at the SASB’s first symposium.

FASB issues narrow-scope amendment to consolidation guidance


New FASB guidance will change how a holder of certain indirect interests in a VIE will perform its consolidation analysis.

FASB simplifies tax accounting for intra-entity asset transfers


FASB issues new guidance that will require the tax effects of intercompany transaction to be recognized currently.

In brief: FASB proposes accounting changes for long-duration contracts of insurers


FASB exposure draft on long-duration contracts proposes significant changes to liability and DAC models for insurers

In brief: Proposal may change premium amortization period on callable debt securities


The FASB issued an exposure draft to amend the amortization period for callable debt securities purchased at a premium.