Current Accounting & Reporting Developments – March 16

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SEC comment letter trends: Commercial and industrial companies or Financial services - Webcast replays

Watch a replay of our 90-minute SEC comment letter trends webcasts. Each webcast will provide you with insights and analysis of recent SEC comment letter trends at an industry level. One webcast discusses trends impacting Commercial and industrial companies sectors and the other is focused on Financial services industries.


PwC's CFOdirect podcast series features perspectives on today's key regulatory, accounting and financial reporting developments. Each episode provides insight using plain English to help you stay current in a rapidly changing business world.

Episode 9: Management’s discussion and analysis

Getting ready to sit down and write MD&A? Hear about comment letter trends on results of operations, liquidity, and non­-GAAP measures.

Episode 8: Earnings per share

This podcast covers some common questions around earnings per share. Listen now to learn more.