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Point of view: Audit quality - Can it be measured?


Regulators and others have been discussing potential indicators of audit quality; find out what PwC thinks in our Point of View.

BoardroomDirect: Update on current board issues - September 2015


This issue of BoardroomDirect® includes a link to the new PwC Audit Committee Excellence Series publication on what directors need to know about cybermetrics. There is also news about a group of US senators asking the SEC to write rules on corporate political spending disclosure and an effort by the US Department of Justice to focus more on individuals than companies in criminal and civil investigations. There is also news about two SEC commissioner openings and the Institute of Internal Auditors’ proposal to require all companies to have an internal audit function.

The quarter close: Directors edition Q3 2015


This quarterly publication is designed to keep directors informed about the latest accounting and financial reporting issues.

Regulatory and standard-setting developments - September 2015


Summary of activities of the PCAOB, SEC, and FASB, and related international developments.

Achieving excellence: Cybermetrics - What directors need to know (Audit Committee Excellence Series)


This edition addresses key considerations related to assessing what cybermetric information directors should be receiving. Cybermetrics are the information and statistics about digital data and IT systems that are used to provide effective oversight of IT risks and strategy. Also, the report addresses the importance of focusing on cybermetrics in a holistic manner because of the interrelationship between IT risks, strategy and operations; baseline cybermetrics that the board must know.

BoardroomDirect: Update on current board issues - August 2015


This issue of BoardroomDirect® includes an article on what compensation committees can expect from the SEC’s proposed Dodd-Frank executive compensation disclosure rules. There is also news about recent publications from the SEC and Council of Institutional Investors on proxy access, ISS’ 2016 proxy season voting recommendation survey, comment letters on the PCAOB’s proposed audit engagement partner form, a court decision regarding part of the conflict minerals disclosure rule, and the IASB’s amendments to the revenue recognition standard.

Proxy Pulse: Third Edition 2015


This edition provides a snapshot of key shareholder voting metrics from 4,280 U.S. public company annual shareholder meetings held between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2015 and a wrap-up of the 2015 proxy season. Among the highlights: Of the over 80 proxy access proposals that came to a vote, 70% received the majority support of shareholders, averaging 57% of the shares voted, and shareholder support for say-on-pay strengthened this season, with 90% of proposals attaining support of at least 70% of the shares voted.

Achieving excellence: Dealing with investigations (Audit Committee Excellence Series)


This edition addresses key considerations related to the committee’s role in investigations. It addresses how adequate preparation can make a big difference, including capturing allegations; lining-up the right external advisors; and potentially developing relationships with certain regulators. It also discusses making decisions when an allegation surfaces, performing an investigation, and responding after an investigation.

Achieving excellence: Role, composition, and performance (Audit Committee Excellence Series)


This edition explains why a properly defined role, the right composition, and self-assessments are critical to audit committees. The publication specifically addresses the current challenge facing audit committees to evaluate whether the scope of their responsibilities is workable, desirable attributes for committee membership and best practices for committee evaluations.

BoardroomDirect: Update on current board issues - July 2015


This issue of BoardroomDirect® includes an article on how audit committees can deal with internal investigations. There is also news about the SEC proposing clawback policy rules and a concept release on audit committee disclosure, the PCAOB seeking comment on audit quality indicators, the FASB officially delaying the new revenue recognition standard for one year, and a report on how risk culture oversight is the next board frontier.