Retail & consumer

Retail & Consumer Sector KnowledgeBrief: Technical and Quality Newsletter


This edition provides an update on considerations for identifying asset groups when assessing long-lived assets for impairment.

Retail & Consumer: 2015 SEC comment letter trends


This publication provides an analysis of SEC comment letters issued to registrants across the Retail & Consumer industry. We hope you find this latest edition of our annual publication of SEC comment letter trends to be a useful reference tool.

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q3 2015 update


The US Retail & Consumer sector experienced a strong third quarter in 2015 for M&A activity, which was driven by 11 mega deals (deals with a value of over $1 billion), worth $39.7 billion.

Exploring real estate monetization strategies


This paper contains an overview of monetization strategies, their perceived risks and benefits, and how PwC can help companies evaluate factors associated with this approach.

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q2 2015 update


For the first half of 2015, consumer sentiment ended on a positive note as consumers continue to voice the largest and most sustained increase in economic optimism since 2004. However, the economy had mixed results due to temporary and technical factors. R&C IPO activity rebounded from a previously slow quarter, with eight IPOs for the period.

Retail & consumer sector: Knowledge brief: Technical and quality newsletter


This edition provides an update on the FASB’s simplification initiative, the new revenue standard, leasing, and omnichannel financial reporting.

Retail & Consumer Insights: 2015 Financial Benchmarking


This edition of PwC’s Retail and Consumer Insights series focuses on the financial performance of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in 2014. In this report, we discuss how the economy impacted retailers and CPG manufacturers, and provide detailed financial benchmark analyses.

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q1 2015 update


Consumer sentiment continued its upward trend in the first quarter of 2015, reaching a ten-year peak due to more favorable prospects for the domestic economy, including gains in employment and incomes, as well as declines in gas prices.

An Appetite for M&A: How Food Companies Can Buy and Sell Their Way to Competitive Advantage


Faced with new and challenging market forces, food companies are changing their strategic approach by focusing on capabilities to drive how they organize and operate their businesses. For winning companies, this focus on capabilities is informing their growth path, including their approach mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

US Total Retail Survey 2015 - Retailers and the Age of Disruption


PwC’s Global Retail and Consumer practice, in conjunction with the International Survey Unit (ISU), administered a global survey to understand and compare consumer shopping behaviors and the use of different retail channels across 19 territories.