Asset management

US Real Estate Insights: Summer 2015


This issue continues to build on the theme of investing globally, and features an article that discusses the flow of capital into US markets from foreign investors. In “The New Sources of US Real Estate Capital”, Jack Keating discusses which nations have been investing in the US markets and the challenges these investors face as they increase their allocations to US markets.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® The outlook for 2016


What is the outlook for real estate investment and development in 2016? Based on personal interviews with and surveys from more than 1,000 of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry, this forecast will give you a heads-up on where to invest, which sectors and markets offer the best prospects, and trends in the capital markets that will affect real estate.

Exploring real estate monetization strategies


This paper contains an overview of monetization strategies, their perceived risks and benefits, and how PwC can help companies evaluate factors associated with this approach.

Valuation multiples and purchase allocation trends


What are the latest comparable statistics for mergers and acquisitions and active trades in the financial services industry? Check out PwC's quarterly valuation summaries for the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management sectors. Insights include: trends in market multiples, related transactions, and transaction benchmarking analysis.

PwC comments on SEC's investment company reporting modernization proposal


PwC supports the SEC's proposal to enhance the reporting requirements for investment companies and advisors.

Understanding the New Consolidation Standard for Real Estate - Webcast replay


Watch a replay of our recorded webcast in which we discusses how the real estate industry may be impacted by the recently issued ASU 2015-02, Consolidation – Amendments to the Consolidation Analysis. Speakers provide an overview of common structures found in the real estate industry and discuss how the amendments will impact those structures.

Asset managers: The SEC’s road ahead


Upcoming rules will address reporting, liquidity, and stress testing.

An objective look at high-frequency trading


Today’s trading is complex and frequently involves little human intervention. Five years after the "Flash Crash," do you know how high frequency trading and dark pools work? Our new report separates fact from fiction.

Asset Management M&A Insights: In pursuit of growth


This publication provides perspectives on the recent trends and outlook relating to asset management mergers and acquisitions activity in the US. There are several key themes that have influenced deal activity in 2014, and we expect these themes to continue to impact deal activity in 2015 and beyond. While some of these themes are expected to impact near-term trends, others will continue to shape the M&A activity in the industry.

Navigating the FASB’s new consolidation standard - The impact on the financial services industry - On-demand (CPE-eligible)


Our webcast provides insight into the impact FASB’s new consolidation standard will have on companies within the financial services industry. Watch a replay or participate in the on demand (CPE-eligible) version of this webcast.