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The PwC Private Company Services practice focuses its cross-industry experience on the unique audit, tax compliance and planning, and business advisory needs of privately-held companies.

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  • Trendsetter Barometer™ Q1 2015 — Private companies are off to a running start in 2015

    4/30/15 | Private Company Services

    Optimism in the economy is up among private companies, as is projected revenue and hiring. And the number of such businesses reporting increased profitability is the highest in a decade. But ongoing talent shortages could be a drag on growth, and the global economy doesn’t inspire tremendous confidence, except for key emerging markets. Read our survey report to hear what else is on private companies' minds.

  • 2015 Employee Financial Wellness Survey

    4/17/15 | Private Company Services

    PwC's 2015 Employee Financial Wellness Survey tracks the financial and retirement well-being of working U.S. adults nationwide. This year it incorporates the views of over 1,700 full-time employed adults.

  • 2015 US Family Business Survey

    2/17/15 | Private Company Services

    Learn how family businesses leaders are tackling critical business and family issues such as competition, growth, the skills gap, technology, professionalizing their business and family models and succession planning in the 2014-2015 US Family Business Survey.

  • Trendsetter Barometer™ Q4 2014 — Private company optimism the highest in nearly a decade despite hiring challenges

    2/10/15 | Private Company Services

    Heading into the new year, private-company executives are in good spirits. Revenue forecasts are up, along with optimism about the US economy. So is profitability, which remains at a high-water mark for private companies. But chronic difficulty in finding skilled workers threatens growth at these businesses, and the global economy continues to be watched carefully by them. Read our survey report to hear what else is on private companies' minds.

  • Cyber-attacks on the rise: Are private companies doing enough to protect themselves?

    11/25/14 | Private Company Services

    Growing Your Business is a PwC series discussing the opportunities and challenges private companies face, suggesting ways they can make the most of both.

  • Trendsetter Barometer™ Q3 2014 — Private companies report higher profitability and greater risk appetite as they head into year-end

    11/24/14 | Private Company Services

    In the quarter running up to the midterm election, private companies remained intent — if not bullish — on growth, felt good about the US economy, and signaled greater risk appetite. And decidedly more of them reported profitability increases than we’ve seen in quite some time. Even so, wage hikes and hiring remain modest at Trendsetter companies, and the world economy is giving them pause. Read our survey report to hear what else is on private companies' minds.

  • Trendsetter Barometer™ Q2 2014 — Private companies outperform the economy but plan to hire just a little

    9/30/14 | Private Company Services

    We spoke to over 200 private-company leaders about what they envision for the year ahead. They told us they're more optimistic about the economy, have ambitious revenue goals, and plan to hire new workers in 2014. Read our report to hear what else they're planning for the year ahead.