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The PwC health research institute focuses on large scale issues and major developments and includes analysis on healthcare trends as well as key insights and industry best practices.

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  • Webcast
    21st Century Pharmaceutical Collaboration: The Value Convergence - Webcast replay

    7/17/15 | Health Research Institute

    This recorded webcast presents findings from PwC's Health Research Institute report on the value of collaboration across the Health Industries sector.

  • Webcast
    Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2016 - Webcast replay

    6/11/15 | Health Research Institute

    You are invited to watch a replay of our recorded webcast in which we present findings from the PwC Health Research Institute report on major trends in healthcare spending.

  • Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2016

    6/9/15 | Health Research Institute

    Spending growth in the $2.9 trillion US health economy is expected to slow in 2016 as compared to 2015, but it will still outpace overall economic inflation. Stock prices, earnings reports and the customer base have increased and that means the industry is financially healthy. Affordable healthcare, however, remains out-of-reach for many consumers.

  • Money matters: Billing and payment for a New Health Economy

    5/18/15 | Health Research Institute

    The nation’s healthcare payment system is an artifact of an earlier age, focusing for decades on perfecting business-to-business functions. American consumers were patients, not purchasers.This is changing rapidly as individuals shoulder more of the cost of their own care. The healthcare billing and payment model must change as consumers demand systems that reflect the mobile, one-click reality of their lives.

  • Webcast
    Money matters: Billing and payment for a New Health Economy - Webcast replay

    5/15/15 | Health Research Institute

    In this webcast, we discuss the key findings from a new report on the future of healthcare payment and billing by PwC's Health Research Institute. To create a roadmap for a new consumer healthcare payments system, HRI commissioned a survey of 1,000 US adults and analyzed commercial claims from 34 million Americans in the Truven Health MarketScan® 2012 commercial claims database.

  • Top health industry issues of 2015

    2/23/15 | Health Research Institute

    As the health sector moves beyond the Affordable Care Act and onto consumer-centered, digitally enabled care, here are the top 10 issues dominating the agenda in 2015.

  • Healthcare provider: 2014 SEC comment letter trends

    12/8/14 | Health Research Institute

    To help registrants gain insight into the SEC’s current areas of interest, PwC analyzed comments released by the SEC staff to domestic large accelerated, accelerated and non-accelerated registrants within the healthcare provider industry during the two year period ended August 31, 2014.

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences: 2014 SEC comment letter trends

    11/14/14 | Health Research Institute

    Our 2014 SEC comment letter trend compiles and analyzes the SEC staff’s comment letters issued over the past few years to registrants across different sectors within the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry and provides highlights surrounding current hot topics and sample comments.

  • Medical Cost Trend: Behind the numbers 2015

    6/26/14 | Health Research Institute

    The story of 2015 is a nuanced one. At first glance, the health sector appears to be reverting to historical patterns of bouncing back as the nation recovers from the economic doldrums. Whether spending more freely because of the improved economy or shopping with insurance provided through the Affordable Care Act, consumers triggered the first bump in growth in the first quarter of 2014. We expect that to continue through next year.