Dealing with government grants? Here’s what you need to know

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Government assistance can be a boon in uncertain economic times, but the related accounting can be confusing. Hear PwC describe which standard to use.

As many companies continue to be financially impacted by COVID-19, government grants remain a focus area of relief. Heather Horn is joined by PwC partners Pat Durbin and Angela Fergason to discuss the accounting considerations for government grants, which isn’t directly addressed in US GAAP.

Topics include:

  • 0:51 - Types of assistance. We start with an overview of the types of relief programs available, including the Payroll Protection Program and employee retention credits.
  • 5:16 - The accounting models. In US GAAP, there is no explicit government assistance standard for for-profit business entities. Angela and Pat walk through how and when revenue, loan or other guidance should be applied.
  • 9:45 - IAS 20. Some companies apply an IFRS standard on government grants (IAS 20) by analogy. We give a summary of that model and illustrate the key principles.
  • 21:18 - Not-for-profit guidance. After covering IAS 20, Angela shares how the accounting differs if a business entity applies not-for-profit accounting by analogy.
  • 23:43 - Key reminders. We close by highlighting disclosures for government assistance and the importance of transparency.

About our guests

Pat Durbin is the leader of the revenue and liabilities division in PwC’s National Office. He has over 25 years of experience consulting with our clients and engagement teams on complex accounting matters, including issues related to revenue, compensation, income taxes, and inventory under both US GAAP and IFRS.

Angela Fergason is a partner in PwC's National Office with 20 years of experience who specializes in accounting for revenue and employee compensation arrangements. She is a frequent speaker on accounting and financial reporting topics and is a contributor to many PwC National Office publications, including our accounting guides on revenue and stock-based compensation. 

About our host

Heather Horn is PwC's National office thought leader, responsible for developing our communications strategy and conveying firm positions on accounting and financial reporting matters. She is the engaging host of PwC’s accounting and reporting weekly podcast and quarterly webcast series, as well as periodic webcasts for the power and utilities industry. With over 25 years of experience, Heather’s accounting and auditing expertise includes financial instruments and rate-regulated accounting.

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Heather Horn

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David Schmid

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