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How did your undergraduate STEM classes prepare you for your work at PwC?

With my concentration in IST being Design & Development, I had a few programming courses. The language being taught in those courses was predominantly Java but the overarching programming principles could be applied across the board. I am currently on an engagement where we are working to build an iPad application for our client. Among other work, I have been doing code review, formatting programming based on best practices and debugging any issues that arise. This correlates with the work I was doing in the classroom.

Tell us about the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

Our client’s sales team is using an outdated sales system on laptops. In today’s time where everything seems to be about speed and efficiency, it is even more important for a sales team to be able to pivot and react to new leads and opportunities as quickly as possible. By helping our client transition from an antiquated system on a laptop, we are helping them become more mobile with the use of an integrated system on a device that allows them to have sales data and other vital information available to them.

Describe the kind of data you are analyzing.

I am primarily analyzing code and reviewing it for readability, format, performance and functionality before it gets put into production.

How does the work you are doing utilize your STEM skills?

The STEM skills I learned in college from my programming classes are used on a daily basis when I am performing code review and when I dive in and do coding myself. It requires me to understand concepts like Object Oriented Programming, software architectural patterns like model view controller, understanding proper naming conventions and more.

How does your academic background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

My academic background provided me with a solid foundation to start as a Technology Consultant at PwC. I think when most people think of PwC they think of it as strictly an accounting firm, when really there are people from all different backgrounds and disciplines that help provide an array of services to our clients. As a professional services firm, we are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas aim to be experts in the various services we provide to our clients.

What skills would set students apart?

Having strong hard skills would set students apart. One of the first questions I get asked when I first join a new engagement is, “What are you good at?”, “What’s is your area of experience?” Or some variation of that question. This can be a loaded question for someone just coming out of college. So I would say the earlier you can develop a hard skill you know well and are good at, it will set you apart.

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