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Tell us about one of the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

Currently, I am working with a client who is focused on implementing a cloud-based lending application at various financial institutions. My day-to-day activities require me to not only understand the financial business process, but also the technology behind my client's offered solution. I often look at how we can merge the two by comparing current best practices with industry best practices.

How does the work you are doing utilize your STEM skills?

My STEM and Business backgrounds have helped me become a strong asset to my team. I not only understand the business process, but I also understand how configuration and validation works for a technology-driven software company. My Computer Science degree makes it easy for me to convey to clients the different back-end components of a software and the impact it could have on their business process.

What have you learned from your experiences?

My experiences have taught me that it is vital to be able to not only talk about business, but be able to translate different STEM-based skills to traditional business speak and vice versa. Today's clients find more value in a company with consultants who can understand both the business and technical worlds.

What skills would set students apart?

Understanding Big Data, Analytics, Algorithms, and Oracle/SAP Data Format.


Please share final thoughts or words of advice for students?

Even if you do not have an interest in majoring in a STEM discipline, take one or two classes in Technology or Analytics to gain that additional knowledge. It will help you stand out and provide an additional competitive edge.

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