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How did your undergraduate STEM classes prepare you for your work at PwC? What are you currently working on?

The undergraduate STEM classes allowed me to supplement my business studies with a strong analytical mindset. Quite honestly, I would probably not be positioned in the role I am now at PwC without a STEM focus. They allowed me to bring a more versatile skillset to my work and build an extremely marketable and relevant profile for today’s business environment. I currently work on projects that require both strong business acumen (which I attribute primarily to my business background) complemented by technical capabilities such as programming and building data visualization dashboards (which I attribute primarily to my STEM background).

Tell me about the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

The main issue that I help clients solve is taking large, complex datasets and help them turn that into actionable intelligence that they can formulate business decisions from. These datasets are mainly large, complex datasets that can be found in a variety of formats. Typically, we will assist in a specialist role where the skills we possess can help our clients analyze data that they do not have the capabilities to evaluate.

Tell me about a typical day for you?

I typically arrive at the office around 8:30 a.m., and I begin working on multiple projects at any given time. In my role, I really enjoy the broad spectrum of projects you get exposure to. Sometimes, I assist other internal PwC lines of service and on other days, I work purely on a consulting role brought on by the client. My day typically consists of multiple meetings (whether face to face or on the phone) and strategically analyzing my current project’s challenges. I am constantly applying my technical skills to find solutions.

What have you learned from your experiences?

I have learned that there is no one “right” way to tackle a problem or issue. There are many diverse ways, which is why having a background in STEM really allows you to think through problems and carve out your own solution.

What skills would set students apart?

Definitely anything involving analytics or big data; these are generally the hottest topics in my line of work. Seeing a resume where these skills or classes are present is a huge differentiator. I would urge students to look for venues and opportunities to gain skills or knowledge in these areas. Whether it is doing personal research, attending guest speakers, or trying to learn a new skill or software like data visualization, anything to get ahead will pay huge dividends!

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