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How did your undergraduate STEM classes prepare you for your work at PwC?

Not everyone understands the language of technology. My ISIT classes at U of I taught me the language of technology along with technological skills that I use everyday. This was incredibly important because it gave me the background to bridge the gap between stakeholders with no IT background and client contacts who are extremely IT technical. Every day in my job, I explain how IT impacts the financial statement audit and contribute to the IT audit by ensuring the systems are working appropriately.

Tell me about the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

I help clients identify how their IT configurations address or create risk to their financial statements by applying both preventative and detective procedures. Our clients see us, all of us, as subject matter experts in IT and truly look to us for advice on how to improve their systems and processes around IT controls. For example, a client might have IT controls around system access. If these controls aren’t appropriately monitored, inappropriate users could end up with access to an internal system they do not have approval for. Our team helps identify these risks as well as suggests new controls to prevent such risks in the future.

Describe the kind of data you are analyzing?

I look at controls around IT applications that hold financial data. This is how my role also helps support the audit process. My STEM skills are absolutely being utilized as I look at this data because my STEM background made me more confident picking up the design of complex IT control designs more quickly. In my role, we definitely have to be comfortable analyzing this data so that we can identify risks. Data Analytics is something I do on a regular basis.

How does your academic background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

Learning to be adaptable is the most important part of being successful at PwC. My STEM background gives me comfort that my skills can be leveraged in addition to my accounting background.

What skills would set students apart?

Critical thinking skills are just that, critical. We need people with strong analytical minds to help solve our client’s problems. With critical thinking skills and a willingness to learn, you will go far at PwC.

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