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How did your undergraduate STEM classes prepare you for your work at PwC? What are you currently working on?

My STEM courses helped me tremendously by giving me the skills to solve complex problems quickly. I’m currently working on an Oracle Implementation Solution.

Tell me about the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

Currently, I am specializing in Oracle and I’m working with a client to upgrade their financial systems by implementing an Oracle Solution. We’re working to understand what their business needs are, and how we can fit the oracle solution to their requirements.

Describe the kind of data you analyzing...

Some days I am pulling data via SQL from Oracle, and other days I’m looking at the requirements from the client.

How does the work you are doing utilize your STEM skills?

The problem solving skills I’ve developed through my engineering and computing courses are what I leverage the most. I go beyond learning the basics of the Oracle to finding the multiple ways of doing various processes to make sure the solution we provide is the best one for our client.

Tell us about a typical day for you?

Every day is different! I am constantly working with my counterparts at the client site to better understand their business, then I take what I’ve learned back into the system to prepare for our next testing event where the users will go into the system and verify it is just what we need.

How does your academic background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

I am so thankful for my background at Georgia Tech for challenging me to continue to grow. I’m able to take that mindset into my career and continue to develop my skillsets.

What have you learned from your experiences?

I’ve learned that in order to succeed, I must stay motivated to reach my goals and build a strong network. I had never worked with Oracle before I started with the firm, but thanks to the endless resources and trainings they provide I’m able to find the solutions I need.

Final thoughts or words of advice for students?

STEM majors are difficult, but keep with it! Never lose your passion for learning, and you will succeed.

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