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How did your undergraduate STEM classes prepare you for your work at PwC? What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on an audit of a public healthcare company. There is a great deal of analytical skills and technology involved in auditing. We often handle large amounts of data and are doing analysis of financial statement accounts in much of what we do. I think that the STEM classes I took as an undergraduate helped me to prepare to think more analytically.

Describe the kind of data you are analyzing.

I am looking at revenue transaction details (charges, payments write-offs). Also, we look extensively at journal entry data and have to make sure that all of the data is there by rolling it forward and tying it out.

How does the work you are doing utilize your STEM skills?

A lot of my job involves analytical skills and I think this is the greatest use of my STEM skills. Being able to understand how data works together and is related is very useful. I also use technology on a daily basis to perform much of the analysis that I am doing.

How does your academic background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

My academic background as an accounting major greatly shapes my perspective of my role at PwC. I also had a computer science minor so I believe this helped me on the technology side as well as the data analysis side of my role.

What have you learned from your experiences?

My experiences with the tasks and work I am doing have improved my analytical skills as well as business and technical acumen.

What skills would set students apart?

Being able to learn quickly and apply what you have learned is a great skill for someone starting out in auditing. Adding a STEM Major or Minor would also help to enhance your skills and become more valuable, and possibly differentiate yourself.

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