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Tell me about one of the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

From the past 8 years of working at PwC, some of the problems that I’ve seen from the clients are (on a high-level) resources, technology, and repetitiveness. Many of our clients are very used to a process that they might have learned over 10+ years ago. They have never questioned the process nor the technology from which the data was obtained. Many clients have very large amounts of data derived from many sources such as: accounting, finance, and tax. Currently, some clients spend a large amount of time deciphering the data and could use the data more efficiently.

How does the work you are doing utilize your STEM skills?

I came out of school with an accounting background and expected just to crank out tax returns when joining the tax line of service, but quickly learned that there are so many different tax offerings/services and skill sets within the tax line of service. From the very first project as a new hire, my manager noticed that I was very good with analyzing data and figuring out potential issues with the client’s data, so he kept me at a client site. As my career progressed, I became pretty fluent with the technology and used data analytics on all projects big and small. I’ve worked with a lot of fixed asset data that requires the usage of data analytics, data mining, and technology in order to help clients analyze data, design a more efficient process, and implement more effective technology.

What have you learned from your experiences?

Having the STEM skill sets, especially having a good grasp on data analytics, can be very helpful in your career. Employers are looking for individuals who can think on their own and analyze if a specific output/deliverable makes sense.

What skills would set students apart?

PwC Tax is making huge investments in technology in order to be more effective and efficient. Having a technology background, e.g., in computer science, can help your chances of making a large impact on your projects. Other skill sets that can set students apart are data analytics, having an eagerness to learn, being able to think on their own, and seeing the big picture.

Please share final thoughts or words of advice for students

Come in with an open mind set and don’t be afraid to try new things that could possibly take you out of your comfort zone.

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