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Tell me about one of the problems you are trying to help solve for clients?

As a Core Assurance Partner, I am responsible for providing an opinion on company financial statements. I am also the point person for understanding our client’s challenges and helping them to meet them. I bring the value of the entire firm to our clients across all lines of service at PwC.

How does the work you are doing utilize your STEM skills?

Earning a degree in Mathematics helped me to develop an analytical mind which is crucial to solving our client’s problems. I have developed the ability to problem solve by breaking down a complex issue and solving it step by step. Additionally, higher mathematics requires a fair amount of creativity, especially when faced with ambiguity. More specifically, I have been able to understand the mechanics and formulas underlying complex calculations, like bond amortization, in a way that others cannot.

How was this type of work done previously without STEM (or data analytics) skill sets?

In the past and present, we have clearly met our client’s needs and challenges; however, adding diversity in how we think and approach problems is very beneficial. The way I look at a problem might be different than someone with a traditional business background, and that diversity is crucial to our team’s success.

What have you learned from your experiences?

One thing I love about PwC is the continuous learning. Our clients and the industries within which they operate are constantly changing so I am learning something new each day. I began with a Math background, but was able to leverage this knowledge to develop business skills. Later in my career, I developed communication and negotiation skills. These two skills are essential in my role as a partner.

Please share final thoughts or words of advice for students

I like to see diverse thinkers come through the pipeline. My advice for students is to really try your best to diversify your experience. School is such a great place and provides you with the opportunity to learn about a lot of different things: Math, English, Psychology, etc.

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