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About Umar

Senior Associate, Tax - Banking and Capital Markets

Umar started as an intern in the Tax practice in 2009 at PwC’s Tyson’s Corner, VA office. The following year, he began work as a full-time Tax associate. Through PwC, he was able to publish two Insurance Tax Monographs and several Insurance Tax Bulletins, which were distributed both internally and to clients. In 2012, Umar was promoted to senior associate. 

Umar's story

  • 2013 Transferred to the Banking and Capital Markets Group within the Tysons Corner office
  • 2012 Promoted to Senior Associate
  • 2011 Published 2 Insurance Tax Monographs and several Insurance Tax Bulletins that were distributed internally to PwC staff and to clients
  • 2010 Joined PwC as a full-time Tax Associate within the U.S. Insurance Tax Practice.
  • 2009 Joined PwC as a Tax intern at PwC's Tyson's Corner, VA office


Q: How did your PwC experience begin?

A: The internship process really goes back to when I started interviewing in the fall of my junior year of college in 2008. Not only did I interview with PwC, but I interviewed with other Big Four firms and at investment banks, as well.

What stood out the most about PwC were the people, even from day one. Everyone was not only personable but they actually cared about what they did and were so passionate about it. It was obvious that they really enjoyed working here.

Q: Tell us about your published work.

A: When I started with the Insurance practice, I was published several times. Annually, we do a monograph, which is basically anywhere from about 75 to 250 pages. The 2011 edition we just completed talks about the new healthcare law, the election coming up, and what that will mean to the insurance industry. Having that ability to share knowledge has been a great opportunity for me.

Q: How do you balance your life in and outside of work at PwC?

A: About six months ago, I joined a boxing club. I kickbox about four to five times a week and it’s a great workout. My team knows that I want to go to 6:30 kickboxing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, client commitments permitting. Often times, if there are still unresolved issues, I will log back online after to resolve and address any client concerns.

If there is something that you’re passionate about it is imperative that you communicate it to everyone and you will be given the opportunity to succeed.

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