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About Robert

Manager, Tax – Financial Services

With a major in creative writing, a disability that hinders his physical mobility, and little idea of the world ahead, Robert dove head first into the unfamiliar world of taxes as a Master’s candidate in accounting at Wake Forest University in 2008. Eight years later, a Manager on Charlotte’s burgeoning Financial Services Tax team, it all feels normal.

Robert's story

  • 2015 Promoted to Manager
  • 2014 Appointed to the 2014-2016 Tax Advisory Council to provide feedback and innovative thought to national tax leadership
  • 2012 Completed a rotation in the State and Local tax group
  • 2010 Joined Tax Financial Services in Charlotte as an entry level new hire
  • 2009 Interned in Tax Financial Services in Charlotte, NC


Q: Was it difficult transitioning from a non-standard major to accounting?

A: It’s often surprising how many skills transfer well to a career at PwC. While a background in accounting may seem preferential, I’d go so far as to say that my career has benefited more from a non-traditional background. My writing skills have allowed me to differentiate myself as I’ve contributed self-created content to numerous client roundtable events, generated a monthly asset management newsletter, and successfully managed cross market teams through effective communication. With PwC’s constantly broadening range of service offerings and products, an innovative mind can find their place.

Q: How has your disability impacted your career at PwC?

A: In short, it hasn’t. Which is an excellent reflection on the firm’s inclusivity and ability to accommodate a wide range of life circumstances. I never look at a problem and say “that can’t be done;” I ask “how will it be done?” While my answers may by necessity differ from the norm, the people at PwC have always encouraged and enabled my solutions. Whether it was the time my Director built a PVC frame for my wheelchair that allowed me to participate at a paintball teambuilding event. Or the firm covering my additional travel expenses that allowed me to fly to New York to provide feedback to national tax leadership as a member of the 2014 – 2016 Tax Advisory Council. I’ve never been in a situation where I felt limited in my career at PwC – rather I constantly feel empowered to take advantage of the resources around me to better myself and the lives of those I interact with.

Q: If you could point to anything specific, what about PwC do you think has had the biggest impact on both your career and your personal life?

A: The opportunity to work on large, interesting, and varied clients has had a huge impact on my career. I have been able to grow technically by working on cutting edge clients in multiple fields. I have also been afforded opportunities to lead and manage large, cross market teams, which has grown my communication and management skills. The people at PwC are also top notch. Over the years I’ve developed a strong relationship with my career coach and his advice and guidance has proved instrumental to my growth at the firm. I feel PwC does a fantastic job at preparing an individual through success – both through technical opportunities with clients and the network PwC naturally offers.

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