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About Matt

Experienced associate, Assurance

Matt participated in three internship programs (Start internship, Tax internship, and Assurance internship) and had the opportunity to participate in PwC’s international internship experience at PwC Italy in Milan. In 2011, Matt joined PwC as a full time assurance associate. As an experienced associate, Matt worked in London for 2 weeks on his client.

Matt's story

  • 2012 Opportunity to work in London for 2 weeks on US public client
  • 2011 Joined PwC full-time as Assurance Associate
  • 2010 International Internship experience in Milan, Italy
  • 2008 - 2009 Interned in the Tax practice and interned in the Assurance practice
  • 2007 Participated in Start (formerly Exceed) in Seattle


Tell us about your opportunities to go abroad with PwC?

A: When I was in college, our professors were talking about the importance of IFRS and it was a topic we should focus on. My school offered a one month study abroad in London in summer 2009. I was accepted into that program which scratched the itch to explore international opportunities at PwC. In 2010, I applied for the International Internship Experience at PwC, which at the time was 3 ½ week internship abroad. I and another intern from New York we were selected to go to PwC Italy in Milan. English is not the preferred language in Italy, so it was definitely interesting dealing with the culture change and having minimal knowledge of the language, but it was definitely a great experience. Fast forwarding to now, I am on a client that has UK operations that the PwC US team visited. We went for an intense 2 week trip to test controls at the client’s UK subsidiary. While we were there, I was able to visit a former co-worker in Dublin who had done an international rotation in Seattle and also checked out Wimbledon. My best advice would be to take advantage of the opportunities when you go abroad to stay a couple extra days to travel or see something while there.

How did your college experience prepare you for PwC?

A: College taught me how to think and have a public speaking presence with thinking on your toes and critical thinking skills that help with interacting with clients. We had a few projects where we would have to do a mock case competition, by interviewing clients and seeing what they wanted to do and then presenting to them. It was a great experience to prepare me for working at PwC. Since being at PwC, it has been an adjustment to know at times to take a step back and figure out what is the underlying accounting of the situation.

How do you feel you deliver quality to your clients?

A: As an Experienced Associate, I try driving quality by producing quality work in a timely manner for my seniors and managers to review. As I am here longer, I am noticing that my client exposure is increasing and I am getting more client based opportunities. A perfect example was my trip with my team to London. We had a small team (manager, senior, and two associates) which allowed us to work closely and build relationships on and off the job. It was a valuable experience to be able to develop that relationship to deliver a quality product for our engagement team; the client saw that and knew I was producing the work. So I think at the associate level, it’s a lot of doing the right things for your engagement team and then when you have opportunities to develop relationships with the client, you take advantage of that opportunity so that they know you and they are comfortable with you.

What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I am part of a kickball league within the office and we’ve won three out of four years. We lost last year so I am looking forward to getting back. Outside of the office, I try and stay as active as possible. I play football every weekend with high school and college friends. I enjoy video games and movies, and I want to get into biking again to get outside and stay active. 

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