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About Laurie

Senior manager, IFS

In 2006, Laurie started her career at PwC as an intern in the PwC Denver office. After receiving a full time offer, Laurie transferred to Seattle to start as an Assurance Associate. In 2013, Laurie joined the Corporate Responsibility Team for a fellowship and currently serves as the Market Administrative Leader (MAL) for the Pacific Northwest. As the MAL, Laurie provides overall leadership to and is accountable for administrative services support in the market. 

Laurie's story

  • 2014 Promoted to the role of Market Administrative Leader for the Pacific Northwest
  • 2013 Joined the Corporate Responsibility Team for a fellowship
  • 2011 Promoted to Assurance senior associate and took a sabbatical to volunteer in Indonesia with Kiva, a microfinance focused nonprofit
  • 2008 Transferred to Seattle to start full-time as an Assurance associate
  • 2006 Interned at PwC in Denver


How does your background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

A: Having a variety of backgrounds and different perspectives helps strengthen a team. Everyone I’ve worked with has a unique set of skills to offer, and we try to capitalize on those backgrounds and skills to better the team as a whole. I’m unique from many of my colleagues here having grown up in Maine and having dual degrees in Accounting and Asian Studies. I’ve also taken time off from client service multiple times, including between graduation and starting full time to teach English in China, my PwC sabbatical with Kiva, a Corporate Responsibility fellowship, and now in my role as Market Administrative Leader. Each of these experiences have helped shape who I’ve become, contributed to the way I approach clients and teammates, and impact how I view issues and challenges.

Has your career grown in any unexpected ways at PwC?

A: I never could’ve guessed seven years ago when I was interning in PwC’s Denver office, that I would now be the Market Administrative Leader for the Pacific Northwest. I had no idea at that point that I was going to transfer to Seattle to start working in our financial services practice. It’s been exciting and unexpected, but I’ve learned so much along the way including coaching, project management, relationship management, team building, technical accounting knowledge, and much more.

Tell us about a typical day for you.

A: There is no typical day at PwC! During my Corporate Responsibility fellowship I was working on a variety of projects related to the firm’s Earn Your Future commitment to youth education, and every day was something different. Now, as I transition into my new role as the Pacific Northwest Market Administrative Leader, I’m constantly collaborating via calls, emails, and in person meetings to accomplish my goals for the day/week/month. The only guarantee for each day is that it’ll start off with a cup of coffee!

In assurance, the days varied depending on the time of year and phase of the audit. I always began the day looking over the upcoming internal or external deadlines, and what my role was in helping our team accomplish those deadlines. Sometimes I’d have a status meeting with team members, or a coaching meeting with the associate or manager I was working with to make sure we were all on the same page with what we are going to achieve and how. Throughout the day I’d touch base with the client as needed, depending on what areas I’m working on and what items we might be waiting on as a team. Of course, there was time devoted to audit work, coaching, checking emails, lunch, and enjoying time with team members too!

How have you grown as a leader in your career at PwC?

A: Through working with incredible coaches and mentors, I’ve had the opportunity to discover and grow into my own leadership style. However, growing as a leader is a continuous journey that I’ll work on throughout my career. Everyone at PwC has such diverse backgrounds and interests and it is important to find a leadership style that supports and fosters growth and development of all team members.

There are numerous opportunities at PwC for staff to emerge as a leader within engagement teams, through managing client relationships, and on internal office committees. Early on in my career I sought out opportunities to help plan local volunteering events, which turned into helping lead efforts locally to roll out a variety of opportunities for partners, principals and staff to get involved in our Earn Your Future commitment. On my engagement teams, I built rapport and trust with team members and clients. It was important for me to work to find a balance between being a vocal leader and leading by example. 

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