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About Kim

Manager, Advisory, Healthcare

Kim graduated with a Master’s in Public Health, with a focus on health policy and management, before starting in PwC’s Health Industries Advisory practice. In 2008 as a Senior Associate, Kim was accepted for a rotation to the Health Research Institute (HRI). This is an internal thought leadership group that researches and analyzes topics in health care and then creates reports for publication. HRI selected Kim to work on a paper outlining how President Obama’s healthcare reform ideas would shape America’s healthcare policy. Kim has since transferred offices and taken two maternity leaves – one in 2009 while in PwC’s San Francisco office and one in 2011 while in PwC’s Portland office. In 2012, Kim became the Pacific Northwest Advisory Council’s Portland Representative.

Kim's story

  • 2014 Promoted to PwC Manager!! Completing Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • 2013 Transferred to NY Metro office and earned Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • 2011 Maternity leave and transfer to Portland, OR office.
    2009 Maternity leave and transfer to San Francisco, CA office.
  • 2008 Promoted to Sr. Associate and completed a rotation with the Health Research Institute (HRI).
  • 2006 Joined PwC Health Industries Advisory in the North Texas Provider practice.


What's your best career advice?

A: Dream big and create a success plan. Identify the milestones required to achieve your dream and then begin obtaining your goals one step at a time.

How does your background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

A: I earned Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology. In graduate school I was awarded a Master’s in Public Health, with a focus on health policy and management. My academic focus on healthcare influenced the types of engagements and clients she consults with on a regular basis. I typically work with hospitals and health plans to improve their business operations. In Advisory I typically find that people have a variety of subject matter expertise. I’ve met people with specialties in everything from hospitality to aviation to anti-money laundering. With the Advisory practice, I like that people with diverse interests or backgrounds have opportunities to work on different types of clients or industries outside of their original specialty.

Has your career grown in any unexpected ways at PwC?

A: When I joined PwC my goal was to stay one year. I never imagined I’d be a part of the San Francisco, Portland or New York Metro offices. Yet all of these have been realities with PwC. I’ve gotten to work in large offices and small offices; I’ve worked in the provider and payer healthcare sectors; I have been Director of Membership for the Dallas chapter of ALPFA; I’ve gotten to help with diversity initiatives, recruiting, strategy and marketing. I never saw any of this coming my way.

How have you grown personally as a result of your experiences at PwC?

A: I have made some of the greatest friends in the world. Regardless of where I’m travelling, I have friends. That’s the beauty of consulting with the Advisory practice – I’ve been surrounded by intelligent people who I enjoy working with and spending time with outside of the office. It doesn’t matter if I’m in London, UK or Lexington, KY – I have friends I can call.

How have you grown as a leader in your career at PwC?

A: I’ve gone from being a person who at times would shy away from opportunities to being someone who welcomes them. I look for projects to lead – whether client facing, for the firm or in my personal life. My confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and I’ve definitely grown from my time at PwC. 

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