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About Katelyn

Senior Associate, Advisory

Katelyn interned in Forensic Services in New York and participated in PwC’s inaugural Project Belize community service event. She joined Forensic Services full-time in New York in 2009, and was subsequently promoted to Senior Associate as part of the Government Contracts Practice. 

Katelyn's story

  • 2011 Presented final deliverable to client’s senior management, general counsel and outside counsel
  • 2011 Promoted to Senior Associate; part of the Government Contracts Practice
  • 2009 Joined Forensic Services in New York as an entry level new hire
  • 2008 Participated in PwC’s inaugural Project Belize community service event
  • 2008 Interned in Forensic Services in New York


Q: Describe your experience with Project Belize.

A: I was selected along with 50 other interns from across the nation that summer to travel to Belize. It was an incredible experience. On one hand it really opened my eyes to some of the issues going on in the world, and it also demonstrated the firm’s commitment to community service.

Q: How did Project Belize impact you personally?

A: It was eye-opening and very grounding. I found myself appreciating all of the opportunities I have had, like a good public school education and finding a job. It was nice to see the firm shared my commitment to community and to working with children, and I was thrilled to be part of such a great project.

Q: What has created the biggest impact in your career development?

A: One of the reasons I love my position is because not every engagement is the same. My knowledge base and skill set grow constantly as every client and every engagement is different. PwC has taught me to keep an open mind and be aware that there is no cookie cutter approach to any engagement.

Q: Which professional relationships have been influential in your career?

A: I have been very fortunate to align myself with people that continuously challenge me and are very candid with their feedback, but are rooting for my success. My client relationships have also been influential. I am fortunate enough to have a wealth of contacts outside the firm I work with on a daily basis.

Q: What is it that you enjoy doing outside of PwC?

A: I’m always looking for a new adventure. I recently went sky diving for the first time on my birthday. Also, I have been experimenting with new foods. When I was younger I wasn't open to many foods, I would just eat the same thing all the time. Now I am very open to trying new restaurants, foods, and cuisines.

Q: What is the best career advice you would give college students considering PwC?

A: It comes down to three things. The first is to be open to growing as a person and as a professional. You are going to have to try new projects with different subject matters or you are going to work with people that you have never worked with before, but it is all a learning process.

The second thing I would advise is to align yourself with coaches and mentors who are going to challenge you and be honest with you, and who are always rooting for your success.

Finally, I think it is crucial to be agile. I think it is really important to be able to keep up with your clients' and teammates' needs.  

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