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About Joel

Senior Associate, Advisory

In 2008, Joel interned for PwC in the Public Sector Practice while attending the University of Maryland and accepted a full-time job offer for the next fall. He wrote and presented his first major client deliverable after less than a year with the firm, and shortly thereafter won his first contract and led a client engagement as an associate. He was recently promoted to senior associate.

Joel's story

  • 2012 Promoted to Senior Associate
  • 2011 Won first contract and led first client engagement as an associate.
  • 2010 Wrote and presented first major client deliverable.
  • 2009 Joined PwC & began personal health & fitness journey.
  • 2008 Interned for PwC in the Public Sector Practice while attending the University of Maryland


Q: What's the best career advice you could give to current students?

A: I'm back pretty frequently and I have the opportunity to speak with students a lot. I have two key pieces of advice – one is to be very open to a coaching environment and open to feedback in your professional career, and the other is to be sure you remain well-rounded in school. Try to excel outside of the classroom and get involved with activities than can contribute to a well-rounded professional experience.

Q: Has your career grown in an unexpected way at PwC?

A: I began to develop a specialty in property management when I had a couple of hours available to help my former manager. Three years later, I am still doing federal property management and have become known as somewhat of a subject matter specialist to my colleagues.

Q: What tools did PwC offer you to improve your health and wellness?

A: The health and well-being programs that PwC offers are amazing. For example, every time you log your exercise hours, you receive five points that you can redeem for gift cards in the future. PwC has a supportive infrastructure and a lot of rewards programs. 

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