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About Jessica

Senior Associate, Internal Firm Services (IFS)

Jessica joined PwC within the Forensics group and then moved into the Learning and Education group. While working within the Learning and Education group at PwC, she was able to teach a few Forensics classes at Penn State which has combined her love for both teaching and Forensics. 

Jessica's story

  • 2012 Transferred into PwC’s Learning & Education group
  • 2011 – 2012 Began external & internal teaching opportunities
  • 2011 Promoted to senior associate
  • 2009 Started full time at PwC
  • 2008 While in school, discovered a passion for Accounting and Teaching


Q: Tell us about your decision to join PwC.

A: It was a tough decision for me because I was deciding between joining PwC or going into teaching. While in college, I started thinking about possibly going into teaching later in life since I wanted to teach at the collegiate level. I also really enjoyed math and felt that accounting was a good hybrid of math and business.

Q: How did you decided between PwC and the other Big Four?

A: I got offers from all of the Big Four firms and felt that PwC really cared about me as a person. They were focused on not only getting me the job offer, but also making sure I was happy with the position I would be taking. Human resources called and gave me some options as to which career paths would be the best fit for my skillset and I felt that they really paid attention to my needs.

Q: How did you transition from Forensics into the Learning and Development group?

A: I was looking for something different and knew that I wasn’t going to leave PwC so I looked into the Learning and Education group. I was interested in being a project manager where I would do everything from planning a course to designing a course. Everyone was very supportive and happy that I was able to find an opportunity for me within the firm.

Q: What activities do you enjoy outside of work?

A: I try to stay active with my friends. During the summer, we go to the beach and I just recently participated in a 75-mile bike ride. 

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