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About Jamie

Manager, Advisory

Jamie started out as a trader for the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and then joined PwC as an experienced hire after getting his MBA at Northwestern. While at PwC, he founded a non-profit that helps the low-income elderly. He recently joined PwC’s Chicago Advisory Staff Council and created a pro bono volunteering model for PwC.

Jamie's story

  • 2012 Joined PwC’s Chicago Advisory Staff Council and created pro bono volunteering model for US markets
  • 2010 Promoted to manager
  • 2009 Founded a nonprofit with two PwC colleagues
  • 2008 Utilized workplace flexibility to complete my MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management
  • 2007 Joined PwC’s Advisory Practice as an experienced hire


Q: How did you become involved with PwC in Advisory?

A: I was a trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange for a number of years and was working on getting my MBA part-time at Northwestern. I was doing a lot of networking at the time and met a partner at PwC. I didn’t know he was a partner at the time and through several conversations, I decided to transition from my trading career into a career in consulting.

Q: How has your professional network impacted your career?

A: One of the greatest and toughest things to learn at PwC is that you have to take complete command of your career and be able to navigate the organization and find the projects you want to work on. If you talk to the right people, then you can grow your network.

Q: Tell us about your involvement in the community outside of work.

A: The structure at PwC and entrepreneurial spirit inspires people to try new things. I started a foundation with two of my colleagues that focuses on helping the isolated and low-income elderly.  

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