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About Henry

Manager, Tax - Industry Tax Practice

Henry is a Tax manager in the San Jose, CA office. He began his PwC career in 2005, completing the prestigious Senior Select Program in 2010. He is the father of two young children and spends as much free time as possible with his wife and kids. When he has additional free time, he tries to get in a basketball game with friends or a round of golf with co-workers. 

Henry's story

  • 2012 Promoted to Tax Manager
  • 2010, 2012 Had children which changed his outlook in life, “Family First”
  • 2010 Attended firm-sponsored ‘Senior Select’ program
  • 2006 Joined client service as Tax associate for PwC San Jose
  • 2005 Joined IFS as a Client Account Administrator (CAA), a sub-group of the PwC’s internal finance function


Q: You joined PwC in 2005, as part of the IFS Team as a Client Account Administrator. How did your career grow from there?

A: The Client Account Administrator role involves being a financial analyst managing partner/principal portfolios and managing the project economics of certain clients. Going into the role, the first couple of months were very interesting and I learned a lot about the internal systems as well as the software SAP.

However, after the first couple of months, I wanted a change. I was more interested in analyzing reports, which better suited my background. I talked to the CAA supervisor and director and told them that I wanted something different. They gave me some profile clients to work with and I worked directly with partners and principals who were impressed with my work. In fact, they were so impressed, they asked me if I would consider a job in Tax. Eventually, they offered me an associate role in the Tax group where I honed my skills.

Q: In 2010, you were selected to attend a PwC-sponsored Senior Select Program. What was that program like?

A: When I got the email saying I was selected, it sounded like a great opportunity to learn additional skills to help me succeed at the firm.

I went there not knowing what to expect. It was very moving to see how much the firm was investing in us and hearing other people’s stories.

Q: With the twists and turns in your career, how have you grown personally, not just professionally?

A: When I first joined the firm, my wife and I were still dating. She knew I was very career-oriented, but we also talked about having a family. At first, it was kind of hard trying to balance my career and my life outside of work, but we worked on that balance together. The phrase Even though we work hard, we always have to find that other interest outside of work that keeps you grounded. If you continue to work at maximum capacity throughout your whole career, there’s going to be a point where you’re just going to burn out.

The people I work for are all very supportive and know the importance of finding a balance that works best for your family. We obviously all have deadlines, but we understand and are willing to work together to meet them. If I need to take my kids to the doctor, for example, I can work around it in my schedule.

There may be a misconception that if you’re going to work at a high-performing firm like PwC it’s going to be hard to balance your personal life, but it’s not… You just have to be vocal about what your priorities are and people will listen and try to work with you to help you meet them, in the context of meeting client needs.

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