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About Elizabeth

Senior Manager, Assurance

An assignment abroad had a major impact on Elizabeth’s global network and cultural dexterity. Elizabeth joined the PwC Audit practice in Minneapolis in 2002 as an associate. In 2006, she moved to Amsterdam on a global mobility tour to join PwC Netherland’s Capital Markets Group as a senior associate. She has since moved to Portland, Oregon and is now a senior manager for the PwC US Global Delivery Model implementation team. 

Elizabeth's story

  • 2014 Took Milestone Sabbatical Award to visit Antarctica
  • 2012 Promoted to Senior Manager and began a tour in the Global Delivery Model Core Team, telecommuting out of home office in Portland
  • 2010 Moved to Portland to join the Audit practice as a manager
  • 2006 Moved to Amsterdam to join the PwC Netherlands’ Capital Markets group as a senior associate
  • 2002 Joined the Minneapolis Audit practice as an associate


Q: Did your global mobility assignment at PwC Netherlands in Amsterdam influence your career?

A: Absolutely! I regretted not going abroad during college and I was looking for opportunities to do so. It was an amazing experience – I went there on a two-year assignment and ended up staying for four years. I traveled significantly for work and over the course of those four years, I worked in over 10 countries and traveled to many more. My tour had a significant influence on my global network and my cultural dexterity.

Q: How was PwC supportive of your 4-month leave of absence?

A: I had been in Europe for four years and I hadn’t seen a lot of friends and family in a while, and on top of that I wasn’t moving back to Minneapolis, which is where I grew up and started with PwC US. I asked to take the summer off and catch up with friends and family before moving to Portland, and PwC US was very supportive.

Q: Why do you to tele-commute out of your home office?

A: The GDM implementation team is small and spread out across the US. I either work out of my home or am traveling, and will go into the Portland office a few times a month. Working from home makes it easier to match the hours of my coworkers who are several time zones ahead of me. 

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