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About DJ

Experienced Associate, Assurance

DJ first began his relationship with PwC in 2008 when he attended the Elevate program in Chicago, IL. After interning in 2009 in the San Jose office, he became a full-time employee of PwC in 2010. One highlight during his time at PwC was his participation in virtual Project Belize.  

DJ's story

  • Winter 2013 Taught new hire training and attended Sr. Discover Retreat
  • June 2013 Promoted to Sr. Associate and facilitated Sophomore Leadership program in Chicago
  • 2010 Graduated from Santa Clara University and joined full time in San Jose
  • 2009 Interned in San Jose Assurance and participated in virtual Project Belize
  • 2008 Attended PwC Elevate in Chicago


Q: Tell us a bit about your time on virtual Project Belize.

A: I was an intern in the San Jose, CA office and there were five of us from our office who worked on a supply drive where we sent supplies down to schools in Belize. We were able to collect a lot of books, mainly for kindergarten through fourth grade. We worked with the recruiting staff and then sent out emails to the entire office asking for people to donate books. We ended up collecting 300-400 books and it was great to help those in need.

Q: It sounds like there is a great group of people in your office who were willing to help.

A: From everyone within my start class all the way up to the partners and principals, the people I work with at PwC are great. They are people I feel I can talk to. I make sure to take time out of my day to talk to people and make connections.

Q: So tell us about some of the diverse projects you’ve been working on.

A: The work that I’ve done is so diverse that I get the opportunity to work with many people on various projects. It’s great getting to work with people from the PwC side as well as the client side. I talk to friends who work at other jobs and it sounds like they do the same thing day after day. That wouldn’t work for me. 

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