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About Donya

Manager, PCS Assurance

While earning her business and economics degree at UC Berkeley, Donya interned at PwC and is now a manager in PwC’s San Francisco office. She is an active member of the PwC community and serves on the PCS Advisory Council and PCS Quality Pillar in the San Francisco office. 

Donya's story

  • 2013 Promoted to manager and joined the PCS Advisory Council
  • 2012 Joined the senior advisory committee in the San Francisco office and the PCS Quality Pillar
  • 2010 Promoted to senior associate
  • 2007 Joined PwC PCS Assurance as a full time associate
  • 2006 Interned with PwC in the PCS Assurance practice


Q: What has had the biggest impact on your PwC career?

A: My work has exposed me to PCS’s diverse client roster and allowed me to work within many different industries and sectors: such as the video game industry, venture capital funds, retail, steel manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy and benefit plan audits. The experience I gained from working in such diverse fields has been invaluable.

Q: How involved with the PwC community have you been since you started working with the firm?

A: As a senior associate, I had been part of the Senior Advisory Committee in the San Francisco office, and would meet about once a month to discuss different issues within the office or within Assurance as a whole. It’s an open forum to express ideas, and I acted as a liaison between the senior associates in the office to bring up anything that we believed needed to be addressed. The exchange of knowledge is the main point of the Committee. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people that I would never have met otherwise, which I love.

Within PCS we also have committees that have different objectives, such as quality, client relationships and people; I am currently serving as an active member of the quality pillar as a sub-pillar lead. These pillar allow all of PCS (from new associates to partners and principals) come together to achieve different objectives. I am also an active member of the advisory council; this is a group of representatives who come together within PCS to discuss and create programs regarding transparency and initiatives within the group.

Q: What career advice would you give a potential intern or current student interested in PwC?

A: I’d say don’t be afraid to ask questions. The firm wants you to learn and go far. Mentoring and coaching is at the heart of PwC’s culture.

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