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About Chris

Director, Tax

Chris graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 2003 and started in our San Jose Assurance practice as an associate. After promotion to Senior Associate, Chris assessed his career aspirations and decided that he wanted to expand his skillset and transition into PwC’s Tax practice. Chris has been in the Venture Capital Tax Practice ever since.

Chris's story

  • 2014 January: Took on role as San Jose office Flexibility and Project Management Champion
  • 2012 July: Promoted to Tax Director
  • 2008 October: Transferred from Assurance practice to Tax practice
  • 2005 May/July: Promoted to Assurance Senior Associate and passed CPA examination
  • 2003 June, September: Graduated from Cal Poly-SLO and started with PwC San Jose Assurance practice


Q: Has your career grown in any unexpected ways at PwC?

A: When I started with PwC, I never expected that I would be with the firm as long as I have been. I have stayed with PwC because I am regularly given new opportunities and challenges that allow me to continue to grow as a professional. I never could have imagined that I would find this with my first employer!

Q: How have you grown personally as a result of your experiences at PwC?

A: I naturally have a personality that likes structure, order, and to be in control. There have been many times in my career when projects don’t come in when expected or deliverables change and I have had to learn adapt and make the best of the situation. Learning to deal with these situations in my professional life has helped me deal with similar situations in my personal life.

Q: How have professional relationships influenced your career at PwC?

A: The people at PwC have always been willing to take time out of their day to provide me with both formal and informal coaching – in doing so, they have been able to share a wealth of knowledge and have positively influenced my career at PwC.

Q: How have you grown as a leader in your career at PwC?

A: During my career with PwC, I have learned that leadership takes many different forms and can evolve over a career. Early in my career, I was focused primarily on my individual engagements and the teams with which I worked. As my career progressed, although still leading my engagement teams, I have become more focused on being a leader amongst the venture capital tax practice and the general tax group as whole. 

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