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About Chad

Manager, Assurance

Chad interned with PwC US in 2007 and later met his career-long coach at an alumni board meeting at his alma mater. He then joined the firm full-time in 2008 with the Assurance practice in St. Louis. In 2010, he was promoted to senior associate. The following year, he began a global mobility assignment with PwC Australia in its Energy Utilities and Mining group in the Melbourne office.

Chad's story

  • 2013 Promoted to Manager
  • 2011 Began tour in Australia as a Senior Associate in the Energy, Utilities and Mining group
  • 2010 Promoted to Senior Associate
  • 2008 Joined the St. Louis assurance practice
  • 2008 Met career coach at alumni board meeting for alma mater


Q: Why did you choose PwC Australia for your global mobility assignment?

A: One of my colleagues spent time at PwC Australia and stressed how much he had enjoyed the culture and environment. I was passionate about seeing how other PwC firms operate economically, socially, and professionally. But above all, I wanted to extend my personal network. As part of my assignment in Australia, I completely switched industries into Energy, Utility, and Mining and I am thrilled to have had that exposure.

Q: Would you agree your global mobility assignment helped you grow personally and professionally?

A: Absolutely. I have had so much more responsibility here since the first month I arrived, which really validated my decision to go on global mobility assignment. It made me thankful to work for a firm like PwC US, and I constantly think about the value of what I have learned here and how I will bring my new perspective back to PwC US.

Q: The responsibility that you have accrued in your four years with PwC US and PwC Australia is quite impressive.

A: I have always had the impression, since day one, that if you do a good job and have a good attitude people take note. It’s truly a learning environment, and everyone is excited about taking on new responsibilities.

Q: What career advice would you give students and interns interested in PwC US?

A: My career advice would be to ask yourself two questions – what is my end goal and what do I want to do right now to fulfill me? I think it is crucial that you’re happy with your current role but also pursuing your long-term goals. PwC US has always fulfilled me while allowing me to reach farther and challenge myself. 

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