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About Cecil

Experienced Associate, Tax

In the Winter of 2010, Cecil interned with PwC in the Investment Management Tax group in the New York Office. He joined the firm the following year, after graduating with his Masters from Texas A&M University. Recently, he joined the IMPACT Committee and has taken several trips back to Texas to recruit for PwC.

Cecil's story

  • 2012 Joined IMPACT Committee
  • 2011 Team presentation to major client
  • 2011 Passed the final section of the CPA exam
  • 2011 Graduated Masters degree from Texas A&M University and began career with PwC
  • 2010 Interned with PwC in the Investment Management Tax group in the New York office


Q: Describe your role in a team presentation to a big client in 2011.

A: We were presenting a state of industry and some applicable news that was vital to our clients. It was relatively early in my career, but I had an opportunity to begin interacting with clients. I was involved with the actual presentation, and was thrilled with the responsibility I was afforded. It was only five or six months into my career and I was already communicating directly with clients.

Q: What do you think you learned from such an experience?

A: The biggest learning experience for me was the opportunity to be exposed to a new and challenging environment and see firsthand the services we provide and how PwC interacts with our clients.

Q: Describe your involvement with the IMPACT Committee.

A: Within New York, we have a group called MAC, which is a voice for associates and seniors associates here in the firm. IMPACT is a subset of MAC, specifically for my group, Investment Management. We meet monthly and present ideas for improving the work-life balance and work in general for senior associates and associates.

Q: Can you give us an example of something that the group has done to help with the work/life balance?

A: Due to the size of our group, we experience a lot of scheduling issues. We have worked hard to make that process smoother and better communicated to the senior associates and associates, so no one’s time is wasted. If there are going to be rotations, we are sure to explain why we are doing them, how it is beneficial to the group, and how it can impact their career.

Q: Describe your participation in the recruiting process.

A: It has been incredible, and not just the act of recruiting. PwC has been so understanding. If you want to do something like recruit, even if it’s during a busy season, if it’s communicated effectively and you plan appropriately, people want to see you advance your career and participate in activities that interest you.

Q: How do you like to unwind after work?

A: I’m a huge football fan and I have tickets to my college team back home. I’m able to go back and attend multiple games, and see old friends and family. 

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