About Brittney

Senior Associate, Assurance

Brittney is a senior associate in the Financial Services practice in Assurance who started her career with PwC as an intern in New York City. Prior to starting full-time, PwC allowed Brittney to obtain her two-year MBA from the University of South Florida before returning to the PwC New York office. She was one of the founding members of PwC's NY Metro Women’s Insurance Network before transferring to the Charlotte Financial Services practice in 2012. 

Brittney's story

  • 2012 Attended Discover, a Senior Leadership Development Milestone Program program in California & transferred to the Charlotte FS Practice
  • 2011 Was a founding member of NY Metro Women’s Insurance Network
  • 2010 Passed the CPA exam
  • 2009 Returned to the New York office after receiving MBA
  • 2007 Joined PwC as a summer intern & participated in Launch


Q: How did you become involved as a founding member of the NY Metro Women’s Insurance Network?

A: There are a couple of women in our group that had talked about this initiative a couple years ago. They were hoping we could build something at a smaller level where a woman could really feel comfortable approaching her mentors and partners about different issues she may face along her career.

A couple of the female partners talked about starting this and I raised my hand because I grew up with a mom who was a partner for a CPA firm and I saw how she was able to succeed. I just felt that it was a great initiative to push through here at PwC.

Also, any opportunity where you can be around influential people who really care about pushing you along in your career is always such a great thing. I find it really rewarding.

Q: Tell us about your transfer to the Charlotte office.

A: Charlotte was a great fit because I had worked in Financial Services in New York and Charlotte has one of the bigger Financial Services practices.

When that sort of opportunity presented itself, it was a personal and professional decision for me, but it couldn't have worked out better because I was able to make a seamless transition. I can also still work on the same types of clients that I did in New York and keep my same contacts.

Q: How has working here affected your life outside of PwC in terms of getting involved in the community?

A: It goes hand-in-hand. I'm actively involved with the NYC alumni of Florida State University where I obtained my bachelors degree in accounting and I currently serve as a junior board member for the College of Business. I'm also active in Junior League, which is a women's community service network, so I think I just have the mentality of wanting to be involved and I want to give back to the community. 

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