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About Brian

Manager, Tax

Brian joined our Detroit office in 2008 as a tax associate after completing a successful internship experience the year before. In 2010, Brian went on a “tour of duty” with the firm’s Tax Process Office, learning and sharing tax best practices with teams across the country. Brian returned in 2011 to the Detroit office and joined our International Tax Services (ITS) group. Brian is currently a Manager in the ITS group. 

Brian's story

  • 2013 Continuing to serving my community as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts and a local scholarship foundation
  • 2012 Spent four months serving as part of an “all hands” tax project in Houston, Texas
  • 2011 Returned to Detroit as a member of our International Tax Services group
  • 2010 “Tour of duty” with Tax Process Office learning and sharing best practices with Tax teams across the country
  • 2008 Joined PwC as a entry level hire in Detroit as part of our Core Tax practice after a successful internship experience


Q: How does your background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

A: Over the past five years, the firm has taught me that each of us has our own distinct set of personal and professional experiences that enhance how we think and collaborate with each other. We each bring different skills and prospective to the table every day. In particular, having parents who were both school teachers has instilled in me a desire for continuous learning and an inquisitive nature that shapes everything I do and often contributes to the success of my team.

Q: Has your career grown in any unexpected ways at PwC?

A: When originally starting with the firm I would never have thought a national “tour of duty” was so near on my horizon. The opportunity to serve a part of our Tax Process Office on a project geared toward sharing and standardizing best practices across the country provided me with wide ranging exposure to our firm, which has greatly influenced my success since returning to our Detroit Tax practice.

Q: How have you grown as a leader in your career at PwC?

A: My team finds opportunities for me to take everything I do one step further than before. This has allowed for tremendous opportunities leading the day-to-day activities of large engagements, developing more junior staff, and representing the firm and my colleagues in professional settings.

Q: How do you leverage flexibility at PwC?

A: There are countless ways to leverage flexibility at our firm, and everyone has the opportunity to do so in their own preferred ways while meeting the needs of our clients. For me, some examples include long weekends on the lake, leaving early to make softball games, and the occasional day spent working remotely while connecting with my team through technology. 

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