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About Amy

Manager, Tax

While Amy was in school, she participated in the PwC Challenge Tax competition a number of years and started to gain an interest in tax. She joined the firm as an intern in 2007, and started full time in 2008. She spent her first two years in the “TICE” group, which is now referred to as Industry Services Group (ISG). Amy was promoted to senior associate in 2010 and decided she wanted to try something different. Shortly after promotion, Amy transferred to the Tax Private Company Services (PCS) group. In 2013, Amy was promoted to manager. 

Amy's story

  • 2013 Promoted to manager
  • 2010 July: Promoted to senior associate

    October: Transferred to Private Company Services Tax
  • 2008 Joined NYC Industry Services Group as a tax associate
  • 2007 Tax intern in NYC Industry Services Group
  • 2006 Participated in Elevate in Chicago, IL


Q: What's your best career advice?

A: My best career advice is that you have to drive your own career, and don’t forget your dreams! When I joined PwC, I decided to come here because of the size of the firm and the number of opportunities that are available. There are always opportunities but you have to be the one to chase them, they won’t always chase you.

Q: What experiences had the biggest impact on your career development?

A: Transferring groups definitely had a big impact on my career. I had to have a lot of honest conversations with partners/principals, managers and directors about my aspirations and career goals. I really had to own my career and not shy away from difficult conversations. I gained a lot of confidence based on how it all worked out.

Q: How have professional relationships influenced your career at PwC?

A: I still keep in touch regularly with the relationship partner who recruited/interviewed me at PwC. He has been a great informal coach throughout my career and really guided me through exploring opportunities when I was thinking about transferring within the firm. More recently, he has sent interns and other staff to me to have similar conversations and I am so happy to give back and be in that role.

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